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15 June, 2023: "Generative AI drives the next level business processes digitizationFor more and to register  Open here...

The Power of Domain-centric Architectures

7 June 2023

This webinar explored the power of Domain-centric architectures and how they promote modularity, scalability, and maintainability by creating self-contained, cohesive units of code that align with the domain's semantics and rules.

Management of Emerging Technologies: Forecasting, Roadmapping, and Benchmarking

18 May 2023

Emerging technologies are shaping today’s digital economy and shaking every business model in an unprecedented way. Furthermore, the number of these technologies is significantly large, and the synergic effect of using them together is unpredictable. The latest Gartner’s Emerging Technologies Roadmap provided the benchmark for 100+ technologies as well as forecasted their technical risks and business value to the enterprises.

Insights and surprises from DORA research 2022

11 May 2023

This webinar presents key findings, some unexpected surprises, and actionable recommendations that you can put into practice, in order to deliver your product faster, more safely, and more reliably.

Conversing with the Future: Exploring the Power of ChatGPT

2 May 2023

Discover how ChatGPT is reshaping the landscape of natural language processing and unlocking new possibilities for interactive and dynamic conversations with the future of language generation technology.

How ChatGPT will impact software development?

19 April 2023

This webinar explores briefly how ChatGPT will impact software development in different phases of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

AI in Software Testing : Benefits , Impact and Challenges

17 April 2023

This webinar recognizes the different benefits gained from using AI in software testing and also identify the challenges we might face in the upcoming period as a result of AI adoption in software testing.

Fintech Horizons

11 April 2023

Fintech got a big bombing last few years and the question is: do you expect the same shine and attraction in the coming few years and how can make it continue?

PMO, How to be Agile?

3 April 2023

This webinar focuses on concepts like PMO different structures and forms, what is the difference between traditional PMO and Agile PMO, how to apply Agile principles to our PMO, what makes our PMO agile in both setup phase and running phase.

Separating Myth from Reality: Understanding the Reality of the Metaverse

22 March 2023

In this talk, we will explore the concept of the metaverse and the reality of what it means for individuals, businesses, and society as a whole.

Digital Twins: The Next Innovation Frontier in the Digital Economy

1 March 2023

This webinar investigates these digital innovation limits and provide some food for thought for the leaders in the IT industry.

Agile Transformations Step by Step for SMEs and Startups

27 February 2023

This webinar guides SMEs and Startups about how to build their agile capabilities and apply agile in a way that sticks and does real improvements to their teams and process.

Event-Driven Architecture, The What and How

6 February 2023

Event-Driven Architecture, often known as EDA, is a term that used to be a source of confusion. Does it involve Event Sourcing? How does it differ from Event Notification? What should CQRS do with that?