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What is Team Software Process (TSPSM)?

Team Software Process (TSP) guides software engineering teams. It helps organizations establish an agile disciplined engineering practice that produces software in less time and lower costs. TSP is a "how-to" implementation of the best practices that the SEI has advocated since its inception that cannot be found in other methods, including:

  • Self-directed teams
  • Agile team-focused strategy
  • Integrated measurements framework supports CMMI higher MLs
  • Pre-test quality prediction models
  • Complete set of processes and tools

Furthermore, TSP helps accelerating the implementation of CMMI up to ML5 in an agile way by building a solid measurement framework from the day one. This removes the gap between ML3 and higher maturity levels.

Why choose TSP?

TSP showed significant results on first use, including:
  • Productivity improvements of 25% or more.
  • Reductions in cost and schedule variance to less than +/- 10%.
  • Testing costs reductions of up to 80%.
  • Accelerating CMMI (ML1 to ML4 directly in around 30 months, which is less than half of the average time to accomplish the same progression by other methods.

Why will SECC offer me?

SECC experts will be ready to help you with the below set of services:
  • TSP Launch
  • Personal Software Process /Team Software Process (PSP /TSP) Training
  • CMMI through TSP

** TSPSM and PSPSM are registered trademarks of Carnegie Mellon University.
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