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Smart Environments Service

What are Smart Environments?

Smart environments refer to user environments that are equipped with variety of devices, sensors, and actuators that cooperate to provide the user with the maximum possible convenience, safety, security, and comfort.

Why adopt Smart Environments?

Enabling smartness and intelligence in user environments is not a luxury, but rather, it is becoming a necessity to improve and even save people's lives. SMART-M3 is an open source architecture that facilitates the development of such smart environment applications. It exploits the semantic technology to manage heterogeneous data collected from enormous sources in the environment and having widely different representations. In addition, SMART-M3 can help in improving system extendibility and simplifying the integration of new data sources or changing the way, by which data is being processed.

SMEs can tap into new business opportunities by exploiting such open source architectures to develop applications for smart environments to solve pressing societal problems.

What will SECC offer me?

SECC experts will be ready to help you with the below set of services:

  • Application Development for Smart Environments Training: Training course(s) that aims at introducing the basic concept of smart environments along with practical hands-on experience in using SMART-M3 architecture to develop smart environment applications.

  • Smart Environments Consultancy: Providing consultation services for the SMEs to adopt SMART-M3 architecture to develop smart environments applications.