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Model Driven Development (MDD) Service

What is Model Driven Development?

Model-driven Development (MDD) is an approach that represents the software development life-cycle as a modeling and model transformation activities. Domain Specific Modeling (DSM) provides more expressiveness through visually expressing domain elements using Domain Specific Languages (DSL) that are typically captured by domain experts.

Why Choose MDD?

Adopting MDD techniques moves the developersí focus from coding to analysis reducing errors as well as time-to-market. This is because:

  • MDD and DSM raise the level of abstraction beyond the current programming languages by using the same concepts from the problem domain.
  • Model transformations is the mean through which models can be transformed from one level of abstraction and platform technical knowledge to the another, inserting new information each step of the way.

What will SECC offer me?

SECC MDD service will provide you a specialized support to adopt state-of-the-art modeling and model transformation techniques in your organization. SECC qualified experts will be ready to help you with the below set of services:
  • Model Driven Development Training: SECC helps your organization to build the required capacity by learning MDD basic concepts as well as getting hands-on experience on the underlying technologies to adopt MDD in your organization.

  • Model Driven Development Consultancy: Our consultants will coach you in your adoption of MDD techniques in your organization and building your own Domain Specific Language(s) for modeling and model transformation.