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Wednesday 27 March, 2019 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. (Cairo Time)

Topic Overview

As a follow up to the "Introduction to Microservices" webinar session which was delivered by Eng Ahmed Ibrahim earlier; this session capitalizes on its predecessor to extend the discussion to even further points by walking the audience through a transformation case study. As two IBM architects will co-deliver this webinar, they will have a live discussion on how to handle the transformation by example aiming at demonstrating the thought process from the ideation till coming up with a model which can be implemented. We hope that this session becomes the second in a Microservices transformation series yielding the highest value to the audience.


Eng. Ahmed Ibrahim, Member of SECC Experts Network
Is an executive architect working on designing solutions mainly for middleware, cloud, and recently cognitive and IoT solutions. Ahmed currently holds the Architect Profession Lead for North & West Africa in IBM with more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry.

Eng. Ahmed Abdelaziz, Member of SECC Experts Network
Ahmed is currently working as a Solution Architect for IBM and has deep experience in software development and DevOps. In his current role, he consults his clients on how to successfully, adopt cloud solutions and guides them through the transformation journey. He has a successful record of client engagements and many clients consider him a trusted advisor. Ahmed joined IBM in 2000 as a C developer. Since then, he has played several technical roles and has built a wide range of expertise in several technical areas such as architecture and design, software development, software delivery, DevOps, cloud technologies, operating systems, infrastructure, networking, and others. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing video games, traveling, and playing sports.

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