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Tuesday 20 Aug., 2019 - From 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. (Cairo Time)

Topic Overview

The financial services industry is one of the highly impacted industries within the digital economy due to the "Digital Transformation" wave derived by the "Disruptive Emerging Technologies". Blockchain technology had started to change the way of doing business around the world, and currently, is disrupting financial business models in general, alerting the banking sector and deriving the FinTech revolution. This creates a great pressure on software companies as well as financial institutions to investigate this rapidly evolving technology either to exploit the fast-growing opportunities or to avoid the expected threats that may result from ignoring this distributive wave. This webinar is going to focus on the Blockchain use cases in the banking sector that enable banking digital transformation.


Eng. Ahmed ElSheikh, SECC Expert
Ahmed helps organizations doing better "Digital & Agile Business" using his wide exposure to "Digital Transformation" strategies, business models and technologies such as Blockchain, Analytics & Enterprise Architecture as well as "Agile Transformation" methodologies. He has diversified work experiences as Digital & Blockchain Advisor, Enterprise Architect, Agile Coach, Six Sigma Coach, Product & Quality Manager and hold an MBA, MSc & many credentials from The Open Group, Scrum Alliance, ISACA & Software Engineering Institute. Being exposed to many verticals and played multiple leadership roles; created unique skills that drive growth in the current disruptive economy.

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