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Architecture Improvement Service "Archideal" Service

What is Archideal?

Although architecture plays a decisive role in defining software systems reliability, performance, and maintenance cost, many SMEs find it difficult to formulate, evaluate, and implement architecture! The challenge is further complicated by lack of expertise, examples, and tools that assist software professionals in tackling this task. The architecture improvement service "Archideal" was designed by SECC experts to tackle this problem. It provides the two necessary ingredients to boost your architecture practice by updating the knowledge of your architects and developers, and by helping them apply this knowledge in your solutions context.

Archideal is a practitioner's track! It was designed for practitioners and will not bore you with needless theoretical arguments and far-from-practice ideals. Furthermore, it is formulated for Egypt software SME's. All the examples and discussion topics will immediately resonate with what you do every day to get your job done.

Why choose Archideal?

  • Improve your products reliability and performance by adapting best practices and patterns
  • Reduce your maintenance and enhancement cost by enhancing your products modifiability and maintainability
  • Evaluate your current architecture and identify its strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn and apply latest software architecture trends

What will SECC offer me?

The service is delivered as one package divided in two phases:

  • Architecture Training: The first part of Archideal introduces software architects and senior developers to the latest architectural styles, trends, and techniques such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Event-Driven Architecture (EDA), and Object-Relational Mapping (ORM). This part is delivered via an intensive hands-on series of lectures and workshops over a 3 days period.

  • Onsite Consultancy: In this part, SECC qualified experts will help you evaluate and assess existing product architecture, formulate an improvement path, and translate that into a plan for knowledge transfer and implementation. The second part is usually delivered via in-house visits to your premises.