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Certificate & Logo Usage Agreement
I agree that as a holder of the requested certificate I shall
a)- comply with the relevant provisions of the certification.

make claims regarding certification only with respect to the scope for which certification has been granted.

not use the certification in such a manner as to bring the ESTB into disrepute, and that I shall not make any statement regarding the certification which the ESTB may consider misleading or unauthorized.

discontinue the use of all claims to certification and to return the certificate if requested to do so upon suspension or withdrawal of certification by the ESTB.
e)- not use the certificate in a misleading manner.
Exam Cancellation Policy
a)- Exams cannot be cancelled within 48 hours from exam date and time.



Exam cancellation must be in writing through an email sent to The email must clearly state the exam date and time and the examinee's full name, with the email subject being "ESTB Foundation Examination Cancellation: Examinee Name ".

Exams fees will not be refunded if examinee did not show up on the exam date or arrived late after exam time or failed to cancel in more then 48 hours prior to exam date and time.

If examinee chooses to reschedule or cancel his/her exam 7 or more days prior to exam date and time, he/she will receive a full refund, or option to transfer to another exam if available with no penalty.

In the event that an examinee chooses to cancel his/her exam date in less than the days up to 48 hours prior to the exam date and time, 75 EGP nonrefundable fee is taken. In such case, the examinee has a choice to receive a refund for the remainder amount, or to pay the 75 EGP and book another date if available.
With my application I have also read, understood, and agreed with the attached Exam Instructions. I agree that I am able to follow the process as stated and that I will notify the exam provider with any possible infringements to this ability, along with this application, to identify remedial arrangements prior to taking the exam.
I consent to the General Terms and Exam Cancellation Policy as stated above.
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