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  "Tracking Multiple Scrum Teams Visually" By: Ahmed Hammad
There is a difficulty tracking many Scrum teams in any typical organization. Although each scrum team has it is own work area with boards and charts, it is easier for managers to look at all teams and sprints in one place. In this article I will explain how we modeled and created a board that showed all Scrum teams and their work in one simple place and how this visualization uncovered problems and bottlenecks. Read more ...

  "Technology Roadmapping, towards a wiser approach in identifying technology investments."
By: Osama Gamal
Have you ever asked yourself which technology areas should you invest in for your company? Did you ever make an investment to learn something that you found resulting in zero added value to what your customers want? Were you ever trapped in the hassle of making the right decision towards your technology investments? If yes then you might need to consider integrating the Technology Roadmapping procedure as a part of your organization's process structure. Read more ...

  "Dilemma of Implementing CMMI for Services or ITIL" By: Sally Hassan
In ICT industry, a lot of service providers who are looking for improved performance face this dilemma. CMMI for services provides market credibility while ITIL is widely accepted and adopted. Both of them handle service management and differences are not clear.

This is why we decided to tackle this dilemma trying to help service providers to select the optimum roadmap. In this article, we will first explain the advantages of each module over the other and then propose a roadmap for improvement. Read more ...

  "Applicability of CMMI for Services" By: Ahmed Abd El Aziz
The CMMI for Services is last member of the CMMI family. Born in 2009, it comes 16 years after SW-CMM (1993) the parent of CMMI for Development (2006) and 7 years after Software Acquisition CMM (2002) the parent of CMMI for Acquisition (2007). Although it is five years old, it did not gain popularity worldwide and in Egypt. Less than 10% of the appraisals conducted in the last three years are CMMI for Services. Read more ...

  "The NoSQL Alternative" By: Ameer Gaafar
For decades, relational databases have been the de facto choice and standard for persisting enterprise data. However, RDBS positioning as the undisputed king of persistence is being threatened by a new family of persistence choices collectively, and bluntly, named NoSQL databases!

The power beneath SQL databases stems from the relational model. A model that allows consumers to query small and dynamic subsets of huge data masses in blazing speed. Ironically, perhaps, this same model is also the weakness that allows NoSQL offerings to become a viable, and sometimes superior, alternative to persistence needs. Read more ...

  "Semantic Web" By: Enas Ashraf
Semantic web, known as the third generation of the web, is an extension of the traditional web that aims at converting the current web dominated by unstructured and semi-structured documents into a web of data. It has been originally proposed by Tim Berners-Lee with the vision of information that can be interpreted by machines, so that machines can perform most of the tedious work involved in finding, combining and acting upon information on the web not only for display purposes, but also for automation, integration, and reuse of data across various applications [W3C]. Read more ...