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Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG): the next evolution in Large Language Models (LLMs)

26 March 2024

This compelling tech talk will unravel the transformative potential of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), a groundbreaking paradigm poised to redefine the landscape of Large Language Models (LLMs).

Why Agile Teams Fail & How Scrum Masters Handle Toxic Agile Teams

21 February 2024

In our webinar, let’s discuss the reasons behind this failure and focus on the toxic Agile teams and how the scrum masters will handle each type.

Human Side of DevOps and Its Origins

6 February 2024

This session talks about the human factor and its effect on implementing a successful DevOps environment and a brief of DevOps origins. **Video will be available soon!**

Prompt Engineering

17 January 2024

A relatively new field called prompt engineering is dedicated to creating and refining prompts that maximize the usage of language models (LMs) for a broad range of applications and research subjects.

Embrace the Change in Writing & Slicing your User Story with 10 Techniques

10 January 2024

A user story is a lightweight and substitute for software requirements, use case specifications and the like. We will discuss how we can write the User story, and we will deliver a recommendation on applying an appropriate selection of ten common patterns to split a user story.

Dual Transformation: The TOGAF 10th Edition Power in Governing Combined Digital & Agile...

27 December 2023

This webinar investigates the power of the new "TOGAF 10th Edition" framework and the associated opportunities in using it. Every business can gain control over this challenging dual transformational journey.

Impact and Threats of Generative AI on Cybersecurity

18 December 2023

In this presentation, we will deep-dive into the great influence and potential risks associated with Generative AI within the domain of cybersecurity.

Using Your Own Data In The Generative AI Era, Some Practical Tips

20 November 2023

The talk presents an architecture for founding Gen AI responses based on an enterprise data as well as augmenting the output.

AI for DevOps transformation

9 November 2023

This webinar introduces SAFe full picture and how they add to their latest version AI and why AI matter.

From Zero to Infinity: The Evolution of Scalable Scraping

18 September 2023

This talk targets individuals interested in Cloud Computing, Cloud Architecture, Serverless Architectures, DevOps, Data Engineering, Data Preparation & Cleaning.

Building AI in Machine: to Accelerate your business Results from Months to seconds

10 September 2023

Listen to different ADNOC Emirati examples of how AI is effectively being deployed within their business to gain advantage.

FinTech & Blockchain: The Game-Changer Industry and Technology in the Digital Economy

29 August 2023

This webinar investigates the managerial and engineering aspects of the FinTech industry and Enterprise Blockchain technology. The digital economy is being reshaped and everyone needs to stay ahead of the curve.