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From Zero to Infinity: The Evolution of Scalable Scraping

18 September 2023

This talk targets individuals interested in Cloud Computing, Cloud Architecture, Serverless Architectures, DevOps, Data Engineering, Data Preparation & Cleaning.

Building AI in Machine: to Accelerate your business Results from Months to seconds

10 September 2023

Listen to different ADNOC Emirati examples of how AI is effectively being deployed within their business to gain advantage.

FinTech & Blockchain: The Game-Changer Industry and Technology in the Digital Economy

29 August 2023

This webinar investigates the managerial and engineering aspects of the FinTech industry and Enterprise Blockchain technology. The digital economy is being reshaped and everyone needs to stay ahead of the curve.

Agile Team Maturity - How to measure and achieve?

17 August 2023

This webinar introduced the metrics or indicators that help you determine the maturity level of your team. Additionally, techniques for enhancing team maturity will be presented.

Generative AI & Metaverse

9 August 2023

This webinar explores "Generative AI & Metaverse: The Riskiest Hype & CXO’s Strategies for Surfing"

Oil & Gas 4.0 and Digital Twins: Future Digital Transformation Strategies for the Oil &...

24 July 2023

This webinar investigated the opportunities associated with designing and implementing successful digital transformation strategies taking into consideration the special nature of the oil & gas industry.

Practical Use Cases of GPT

18 July 2023

In this webinar, some of the hot topics have been discussed: Chat with Your Documents, Chat with Your Database, etc.

Amplify Citizen Experience through Process Optimization

6 July 2023

Learn about best practices that government agencies are taking it to achieve a Whole-of-Government approach in delivering citizen services and its direct impact on citizen experience.

Your Way to Organizational Resilience: Operating in uncertain times

22 June 2023

This webinar defined the components of resilience, highlight the capabilities of resilient organizations and introduce different models and approaches that companies can take to face disruptions and prepare for a VUCA world.

Generative AI drives the next level business processes digitization

15 June 2023

This webinar discussed deep scientific concepts about generative AI and discovered what are available sources of generative AI models with examples on how we can start using it today.

The Power of Domain-centric Architectures

7 June 2023

This webinar explored the power of Domain-centric architectures and how they promote modularity, scalability, and maintainability by creating self-contained, cohesive units of code that align with the domain's semantics and rules.

Management of Emerging Technologies: Forecasting, Roadmapping, and Benchmarking

18 May 2023

Emerging technologies are shaping today’s digital economy and shaking every business model in an unprecedented way. Furthermore, the number of these technologies is significantly large, and the synergic effect of using them together is unpredictable. The latest Gartner’s Emerging Technologies Roadmap provided the benchmark for 100+ technologies as well as forecasted their technical risks and business value to the enterprises.