Please follow the next steps and guidelines for application [Please read carefully]:

  • Examination Fees: 1550 EGP (For Egyptians Special offer for Egyptian Governorates contact us at for more details  -  سعر خاص للمحافظات المصرية) - (2200 EGP for non-Egyptians). 
  • Within 7 working days after submitting your registration you will receive a confirmation email indicating exam seat availability
  • After getting and reply the confirmation email. You will receive an SMS by Fawry to pay the fees 15 day before the exam Or to pay using other payment methods:
    at ITIDA 15 Day before the exam using your bank card
    - at 
    Cheque payable to Information Technology Industry Development Agency and delivered to SECC Finance Department15 Day before the exam 


Certificate & Logo Usage Agreement

I agree that as a holder of the requested certificate I shall

  • comply with the relevant provisions of the certification.​
  • make claims regarding certification only with respect to the scope for which certification has been granted.
  • not use the certification in such a manner as to bring the ESTB into disrepute, and that I shall not make any statement regarding the certification which the ESTB may consider misleading or unauthorized.
  • discontinue the use of all claims to certification and to return the certificate if requested to do so upon suspension or withdrawal of certification by the ESTB.
  • not use the certificate in a misleading manner.

Exam Cancellation Policy

  • The cancellation or rescheduling 7 days before the exam is free.
  • The cancellation or rescheduling through the last 7 days until last 48 hours you will pay EGP 200.
  • The Exam cannot be cancelled or reschedule within the last 48 hours and if did you will be committed to pay the full exam fees.
  • The cancellation or rescheduling should be through an email to or
  • Fees Refund:
    - Fees refund will be related to the above policies
    - Fees refund is only available through Your personal bank account
    - Fees refund take at least 30 Day from your refund request
    - Fees refund required reply with the following information
    ·       Your Name
    ·       National ID
    ·       Mobile Number
    ·       Your Bank Name
    ·       Your Bank Branch
    ·       Bank Account number
    ·       Bank IBAN

Note: Ignoring rules may causes adding your name to the negative lists.

With my application I have also read, understood, and agreed with the attached Exam Instructions. I agree that I am able to follow the process as stated and that I will notify the exam provider with any possible infringements to this ability, along with this application, to identify remedial arrangements prior to taking the exam.

I consent to the General Terms and Exam Cancellation Policy as stated above. ​​​​