Agile Software Development Foundation

Although introduced in the new millennium, agile methods have established themselves as prominent and effective methods for managing software development endeavors. With their primary focus on customer satisfaction, team spirit, and project visibility, agile methods present an appealing option for customers, developers, and managers alike. ​​
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In this foundation course, attendees will gain the insight on both the mindset behind agility, and the methods that manifest this mindset. Attendees will emerge with clear understanding of agile values, principles, processes and practices. In addition, they will be able to contrast and compare agile methods with traditional software engineering discipline, and understand how to nurture agility in a specific work environment. The course is full of team exercises and examples, and is taught by qualified and certified experts who encourage discussion and deliberation.

Training Duration: 3 Days 

Exam Date: 

For 2 Jun., 2024 round, the exam will be on 13 Jun., 2024

For 16 Sept., 2024 round, the exam will be on 3 Oct., 2024 

Training Location: Online 
Training Information
Course Fees
2 June 2024
EGP 1,770 Training and Include the exam fees - 10% discount for companies registering 3 trainees or more
16 September 2024
EGP 1,770 Training and Include the exam fees - 10% discount for companies registering 3 trainees or more
Topics to be covered
Theme 1 | Core concepts
Lean thinking
Agile methodologies
- Scrum framework
- Extreme programming
- Kanban
The typical Agile lifecycle
Agile roles and responsibilities
- Leadership practices and principles
- Building agile teams
- Creating collaborative team spaces
Theme 2 | Agile requirements
Established shared vision
User stories
Evolution of user stories
Story points
Theme 3 | Project planning and tracking
Adaptive planning core concepts
High level planning
Release planning
Backlog prioritization
Iteration length selection
Velocity estimation
Iteration planning
Agile project tracking and control
Agile meetings
The daily life of Agile team members
Theme 4 | Technical practices at a glance
Agile testing
Self-testing code
Continuous integration
Test driven-development
Technical debt
Software code refactoring ​
Target Audience
Anyone involved or concerned with software development efforts or outcome, including project managers, software developers, testers, team leaders, QA, analysts, UI/UX specialists, etc.
A basic idea about software development and its lifecycle.
The SECC Agile Foundation Certification (AFC)
The SECC Agile Foundation Certification (AFC) is designed to provide management with a documented level of assurance that team members are equipped with the right blend of skills and knowledge and competent enough in fundamental Agile practices.
To gain the required Agile related knowledge, carefully study the recommended list of material and prepare for the exam. Examination Handbook: to access the handbook, please visit: SECC Agile Foundation Certification (AFC) Examination Handbook
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