Upcoming Webinar 
Agile Project Management 
Thu., Aug 18, 2022 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EET

The Hidden Factors of the Successful DX Strategies

4 August 2022

This webinar highlighted the hidden factors by investigating the digital disruption dynamics, business model innovation, different industries' characteristics, as well as the seismic shifts generated by the different emerging disruptive technologies.

Common Pitfalls in Applying Agile

21 July 2022

The most common pitfalls that lead to failed agile implementation and how to avoid them.

Software Architecture and Microservices: Do's and Don'ts

5 July 2022

Does one architecture fit all? Should I follow the trend and use clean architecture? What about microservices?

Image Processing and Computer Vision

9 June 2022

The webinar covered the field of image processing and computer vision and its applications these days.

How To Implement Digital Transformation Successfully?

19 April 2022

Digital Transformation is everywhere, but success isn't the end of each transformation story. You have to take care of some tips and tricks to be able to conclude your digital transformation involvement successfully. The webinar's video will be available soon.

Introduction to Blockchain and Web3

5 April 2022

Introduction to Blockchain and Web3