What are Training and Certification Services?

As part of SECC's array of offerings, Training Services and Certifications mainly aim at:

1- Transferring high-tech, state-of-the-art technologies
2- Providing high quality technical training, specific frameworks, models and processes
3- Sponsoring applying software and IT service management standards and best practices
4- Influencing academic curriculums in computer science and software engineering to meet market needs and upcoming trends

SECC Training Services offerings are designed to support our customers in achieving their goals. We leverage the latest distributed learning technology to make more cost-effective, more flexible and more rapidly deployed training solutions to help companies create their own competitive advantage.

Why choose Training & Certification?

We possess:

  • A pool of highly qualified technical experts with multiple experiences and international certifications
  • A team of excellent dedicated calibers administering learning products
  • An internationally recognized team authorized to deliver training
  • Highly equipped training venues with latest facilities and tools to ensure comfort and effective engagement among participants
  • Internationally approved exam venues
  • Distinguished technical topics

Our training courses are mainly as follows:

  • Agile Training Track
  • Blockchain
  • CMMI® Track
  • COBIT® 5 Track
  • DevOps Track 
  • Innovation Management Track
  • ITIL® Training Track
  • ITIL® Agile Implementation Track 
  • Open Data Track 
  • Project Management
  • Semantic Technology Track
  • Six Sigma Track
  • Software Design Architecture Track
  • Software Testing Track
  • TOGAF® Certifications

Certifications offered are mainly categorized as follows: