Why Software Testing?

Testing is a core activity within the software development lifecycle accounting to a large percentage of success/failure rates of software development projects. Modern methodologies give testing an increasingly important role with more sophisticated interaction with the other development activities. Some development models are built with testing as its main theme; e.g. the V-model and Test-Driven Development (TDD), a common approach in Agile development.
Technical testing such as Test Automation and Performance testing witness increasing demand by modern software development.

What will SECC offer me?

SECC testing services provide more specialized testing support beyond the requirements of the traditional process improvement models such as CMMI®-DEV. In addition to testing process improvement, SECC testing services provide support on how to implement the deferent testing approaches and provide support on how to implement the different testing approaches and techniques. The services address an escalating demand in the local and regional markets on specialized software testing consultation.
SECC offers four different testing services depending on organization needs and level of maturity of their testing practices:

  • Testing Process Improvement: Defines and improves companies"best practices" (i.e. TMMI, ISTQB) testing processes in accordance to the industry best practices through the implementation of SECC's Testing Process Improvement Guide (TPIG) which is a process framework including templates, worksheets and guidelines integrated with the defined process.
  • Functional Testing Techniques: The service includes hands-on support on how to select and implement functional test design techniques including Black-Box and White-Box testing. The service help designing better test cases and ensuring a minimum level of requirement and code coverage.
  • Test Automation: Helps companies plan, design and implement test automation frameworks and suites. The service Provides technical support on how to generate and write test automation scripts and through providing practical examples using test automation tools. The service helps companies achieve significant productivity gain, increase test coverage, and ensure consistency of their functional tests and enable for applying new development methodologies such as Agile.
  • Performance Testing: The service helps companies better analyze their products' performance requirements, conduct performance testing activities, and analyze performance testing results. The service helps companies achieve overall product quality improvement not only from application features point of view but also from system behaviour and stability point. ​