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What is DX4IT?

​In response to Digital Transformation (DX) global trends, organizations are constantly adapting to keep up with the rapid rate of evolution within their industries. There is always a new focus, priority, or trend impacting the way organizations operate. Organizations are ever changing to optimize how they do business and build the related key capabilities.

In doing so, organizations should: (1) reduce inefficient and unnecessary expenditures, (2) identify opportunities to invest in, (3) implement best practices, (4) follow latest technology trends, and (5) ensure that cost/benefit analysis of change projects includes the entire picture.

SECC, Egypt’s tech catalyst and home to software (SW) standards, launched Digital Transformation for IT companies in Egypt. DX4IT aims to define a standard capability-based reference architecture for IT companies in Egypt. The initiative provides a common vocabulary, reusable designs and industry best practices like ITILCOBITAgileDevOpsCMMI and TOGAF.

DX4IT covers Enterprise Architecture’s four domains: Business, Data, Applications and Technology. A fifth dimension is added to measure Outcome and Performance from the capability. The newly-added dimension ensures the alignment between the capability outcomes with the organization’s strategic objectives and justifies the capability building effort\cost. It is incremental and is targeted to be continually updated to cope with recent advances in technology and best practices. DX4IT is targeting the capabilities needed for IT companies to ensure business agility and implement digital transformation.

DX4IT in Numbers

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Benefits of Implementing DX4IT

By implementing DX4IT, companies will guarantee the following benefits:

  • Strategy and Transformation Realization
  • Process and Capability Improvement
  • IT Cost and Complexity Reduction
  • Creating Insights and Overviews of Relations and Dependencies
  • Standardization and Risk Mitigation
  • Enabling Innovation


DX4IT aims to cover the following IT companies (intended beneficiaries):

  • SW development organizations (DX4SW)
  • Testing organizations (DX4SW)
  • Organizations aiming to assess DevOps implementation only
  • Support organizations
  • IT services organizations

DX4IT – Development Roadmap

The starting point was developing DX4SW reference architecture targeting SW development and testing organizations. DX4SW is considered a part of DX4IT. The first release of DX4SW was published in 2020 and services were provided to many companies in cooperation with NGOs to minimize the service cost.
Then, in 2022, SECC started developing a reference architecture with broader view targeting all IT companies in scope under the name of DX4IT.

And due to the great need for support services to handle the governmental DX projects and to the worldwide direction to implement DevOps practices, the first release of DX4IT is targeting:

  • Organizations aiming to assess DevOps implementation only
  • Support organizations

  • DX4IT-Org-Support.png 
  • DX4SW Capability Map
  • DX4SW-Capability-Map.png
  • DX4IT Capability Map
  • DX4IT-Capability-Map.jpg

The first release of DX4IT includes the following capabilities:

  • Service Catalogue Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Request Management
  • Product Maintenance
  • NOC (Continuous App monitoring)
  • Incident Management

  • Problem Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Change Management
  • Infrastructure & Platform Management

SECC had also developed DX4IT assessment model, to assess current capabilities based on five dimensions (Process, People, Information Systems, Technology, and Outcome/Performance). Assessment process and criteria are defined based on SECC wide experience in CMMI and TOGAF.


DX4IT Services, What will SECC offer me?

Journey of providing DX4IT services begins with a full understanding of “where is the company now?”. It is “where” in regards to its agile, DevOps, testing, or support capabilities, based on the agreed upon scope of work, with reference to DX4IT. SECC carries out DX4IT baseline assessment to gauge the company’s current capabilities relying on five dimensions: Process, People, Information Systems and Technology. The fifth dimension is concerned with measuring the Outcome and Performance from the capability. 

Then, assessed companies will get the DX4IT Implementation service to boost their capability levels and resolve assessment findings.
Implementation service includes the following components


DX4IT Assessment services are provided as per company request, while DX4IT implementation services are provided as an annual program.

Eligibility Criteria 

Companies seek to benefit from DX4IT from SECC should meet the following:

Based on the assessment findings (for SW development companies) and to ensure value co-creation, interested companies will have:

  • Minimum 3 developers and 1 dedicated tester and they should attend the relevant capability training.
  • Company will start acquiring the basic tools (some tools examples are provided below) for: 

    ​a. Test Management tool (e.g. Test link, Azure DevOps, Jira Zphyr)
        b. Defect Management tool (e.g. Mantis, Bugzilla, Azure DevOps, Jira)
        c. Agile Management tool (e.g. Azure DevOps, Jira) should be deployed

Facts and Figures 

- For more about DX4IT Facts and Figures: open here DX4IT Facts & Figures... 

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