University of Bologna (UNIBO)


University of Bologna (UNIBO) is the reputable, oldest university (since 1088) in the western world. UNIBO is SECC’s strategic ally in the RECOCAPE project coordinated and executed by SECC within the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). RECOCAPE spotlights potential technologies related to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Semantic Web, Model-Driven Development (MDD), and Embedded Ubiquitous Computing, where UNIBO is an expert in Semantic Web technologies.

Open Data Institute (ODI)

United Kingdom

SECC has successfully passed a three-stage assessment process to join the ODI global network, headquartered in London, as "Cairo Node". It is the first ODI node in Africa to offer training programs, workshops, and events that promote and enable value creation through open data in Egypt. The ODI is a non-profit organization founded by Sirs Tim Berners-Lee and Nigel Shadbolt in the UK to catalyze the evolution of Open Data culture to create economic, environmental and social value. ODI has a global network of more than 20 country members among which are USA, Canada, Italy, France, Sweden, Russia, South Korea, Brazil, Argentine, Australia, Japan and the UAE.

QAI India Ltd.


Due to the high demand in IT Service Management, SECC initiated the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) program in collaboration with QAI India, in March 2009. The program aims at building the capabilities of ITIL best practices at SECC along with six local companies. Now the companies had successfully implemented the ITIL best practices and SECC has five certified ITIL Experts.

SURE International Technology

Kingdom of Saudi

On 19 May 2013, SECC partnered with Sure International Technology. The Saudi company is one of the fastest growing companies in information technology and technical consultations.


Kingdom of Saudi

SECC collaborates with ARCOM in Saudi Arabia since 2007 to provide the Center’s services to the Saudi ICT businesses through ARCOM as a marketing partner. ARCOM is an esteemed company that provides ICT services to the Saudi government entities including the military and local agencies.

Africa Information and...


The Software Engineering Competence Center collaborates with the Africa Information and Communication Technologies Alliance (AfICTA) since May 2013. AfICTA is a private sector-led alliance of associations, multinational corps, companies, organizations and institutions from the African ICT sector. The Alliance has ten member countries: Egypt, Tunisia, Kenya, Gambia, South Africa, Nigeria, Namibia, Burundi and Somalia. The partnership aims at fostering SECC existence in the African continent; as well as transferring knowledge gained by SECC experts to Africa’s ICT businesses to reach a high level of competitiveness in the global market.