What is Disciplined Agility?

Being "Agile" means you are able to embrace the changes in both the surrounding environment and customer's preferences and demand. Although flexibility is a critical success factor in the current turbulent business environment, however it is not sufficient alone. While "adapting" to changes during the project journey is required, you need to control the overall cost too and "predict" the impact on the final delivered product quality and the time to market.

Disciplined agile delivery is an evolutionary (iterative and incremental) approach which regularly produces high quality solutions in a cost effective and timely manner via a risk and value driven life cycle. It is performed in a highly collaborative, disciplined, and self-organizing manner within an appropriate governance framework, with active stakeholder participation to ensure that the team understands and addresses the changing needs of its stakeholders to maximize business value provided.


Balancing Agility and Discipline with Team Software Process (TSP):

Agility and discipline are both important. Balancing Them with TSP:

  • Integrates agile principles with management and engineering discipline
  • Uses short iterations and delivers working code
  • Enables quick response to changing requirements
  • Scales-up in a linear fashion without sacrificing quality or performance

Why choose Agility Service?


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