What is Agile software development?

Agile software development is a collaborative, incremental, and iterative approach to software development that can produce high-quality software in a cost effective and timely manner. Unlike traditional software development, Agile development emphasizes flexibility, continuous testing and integration, rapid delivery of functionality, as well as team motivation and morale.

Why choose Agile Service?

Companies adopting Agile Methodology witness a high return on investment in the following areas:

  • 67% Productivity Increase
  • 65% Quality Increase
  • 49% Cost Reduction

Because of the focus on collaboration and iteration, Agile development teams demonstrate:

  • Increased team efficiency
  • Lower development costs
  • Faster time to market
  • Better quality software
  • Systems better suited to customer needs
  • Repeatable results

What will SECC offer me?

SECC offers the following services:

  • Agile Adoption: Our consultants will coach you in your transformation and guide you to avoid the pitfalls of Agile Adoption.
  • Agile CMMI: Do Agile Adoption, with an eye on CMMI. At the end of this program, you will be ready for CMMI accreditation.
  • Agile Training: SECC offers a set of unique courses which covers the most prominent areas of Agile software development and addresses multiple roles involved in agile teams.
  • Agile Certification: The SECC Agile Foundation Certification (SAFC) is designed to provide management with a documented level of assurance that team members are competent in fundamental agile practices. Assessment model for Agile.​