Africa and Middle East Conference on Software Engineering (AMECSE)

Africa and Middle East Conference on Software Engineering (AMECSE) is a series of conferences started in 2014 as the first forum in the region for practitioners and researchers to present and share the most recent innovations, trends, experiences and concerns in the field of Software Engineering. Every edition of AMECSE fosters a theme that is deemed important for tackling pressing challenges in our region.

The theme of the fourth edition is Software Innovation for Digital Transformation. AMECSE 2018 aims at ensuring the alignment of the new technological trends, business models and processes to drive new values and effectively compete in an over-changing digital economy. The conference will also shed the light on the methodologies suitable for transforming the traditional methods in the different domains into new ones by employing innovative and creative approaches and frameworks.

AMECSE 2018 accepted papers will be published in the ACM Conference Proceedings Series. The ACM – ICPS has assigned the ISBN 978-1-4503-6636-6 for AMECSE 2018 proceedings.

For more about AMECSE, please visit http://2018.amecse-conferences.org/