Middle East: MCIT Minister, Amr Talaat launches digital transformation program in IT

1 March 2023

Middle East, Egypt: The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) of Egypt, under the leadership of Minister Amr Talaat, has announced that Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), has recently launched a digital transformation program for IT companies.


According to the reports, "The ITIDA Center for Software Engineering Evaluation and Accreditation has announced the launch of its Digital Transformation Program (DX4IT)." Said, officials.

In addition, the program aims to establish a standard benchmark structure based on the capabilities of IT companies in Egypt, as well as to support Egyptian SMEs working in the field of software and IT services.


The officials from the agency stated that "The program also offers shared vocabulary, reusable designs and software industry best practices, such as the ITIL® model, the Enterprise Information Technology Governance Business Framework Model (COBIT® 5), Agile and DevOps approach, the CMMI Integrated QA model, and the TOGAF Facility Architecture model."


The program covers several areas of enterprise infrastructure, including business, data, applications, technology, performance measurement and performance of capacity, confirmed ITIDA officials


Meanwhile, companies reap several benefits by implementing a digital transformation program, including implementing strategy and transformation, improving operations and capacities, reducing IT cost, providing in-depth studies and insights into relationships and follow-ups, mitigating risk, and empowering innovation.


The agency has also confirmed that the digital transformation program targets software development institutions such as, (digital transformation of software firms), software testing firms, institutions aiming to evaluate the implementation of DevOps, supporting institutions, and IT services firms, which meet several criteria, including being small and medium sized IT companies and registered in the ITIDA database. And she started her business for no less than two years.


It is noteworthy that the Software Engineering Evaluation and Accreditation Center was established in 2001 with the aim of developing the software industry in Egypt by upgrading the level of software engineering to make it more professional and make it available to companies working in the IT field.

Notably, the centre offers leading technology services that enhance the efficiency and internal capacity of IT and IT firms, and also organizes a series of workshops and training sessions that enable them to absorb and work on modern technology, said reports.

Source: Tribunal Community