SECC Tech Night - Generative AI for Software Engineering

Start Date : 17/7/2023 06:30 PMzJul End Date : 17/7/2023 08:30 PMzJul
Location : CREATIVA - Giza (Ben Al-Sarayat) " See on Map " Category : SECC Tech Nights
About SECC Tech Nights

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming SECC Tech Nights series, where we will delve into the exciting world of generative AI and explore the latest technology trends. Our sessions will provide both a practical perspective and a theoretical background for how to boost your business in digital transformation, software engineering, and process improvement, giving you the knowledge and skills you need to stay ahead of the curve.

About SECC Tech Night "Generative AI for  Software Engineering"

Generative AI is a rapidly developing field with the potential to revolutionize software development. the emergence of generative AI’s language learning model will revolutionize code creation and become one of the most important tools for developers.
In this session we will visit different use cases where software developers can use GAI to enhance their productivity , code quality, time to market in addition embracing new and innovate ways of working. 
Speaker's Info

Tamer-Kandil.jpgEng. Tamer Kandil is the Head of Platforms and automation Engineering at Vodafone intelligent solution, with 20 years' international and broad experience in the ICT industry , holding an extensive track records in architecture and software engineering .
A graduate in Telecommunication & Electronics Engineering from the Cairo University, he led different digital transformation programs embracing cognitive computing , hybrid automation and artificial intelligent . Senior technology strategist across different multinationals organizations accountable on designing transformational strategies, enterprise portfolio and R&D centres of excellence. Speaker at different international conferences and technology institutes ,he published different white papers around emerging technologies,  technology road maps and software industry standards.

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