SECC Online Get-together "Digital transformation ... Pivot for sustainable high performance"

Start Date : 20/10/2020 12:00 AMzOct End Date : 20/10/2020 12:00 AMzOct
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SECC Holds "Digital Transformation ... Pivot for Sustainable High Performance" e-Forum and Celebrates Clients' Success​

The forum was organized by SECC of ITIDA to provide best practices and DX trends institutions should adopt in their digital transformation journey as well as the real value that enterprises can provide while transforming into digitally-mature organizations.

The forum's sessions, presented by industry experts and world-class consultants, included availing key digital transformation tools and how it plays a pivotal role in sustaining business growth and maintaining the highest rates of performance.

​The e-forum was also a perfect platform for participants to network and share their experiences where ITIDA and SECC celebrated the success of its local and international clients of the software companies that have obtained international certificates and accreditations granted by the center.





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