Ejada Systems Ltd. Receives CMMI® for Development Maturity Level 3 Accreditation

25 February 2024

SECC celebrates the accomplishment of Ejada Systems Ltd., an Egypt-based organization that has obtained the CMMI® for Development Maturity Level 3 Accreditation. Read on to understand the benefits of utilizing CMMI® in software engineering and how it can help your organization excel in the ever-evolving industry. 

Ejada Systems Ltd. Obtains CMMI® for Development Maturity Level 3 Accreditation

Ejada Systems Ltd., an Egypt-based leading IT services provider in the MENA region, has successfully achieved the highly esteemed CMMI® for Development Maturity Level 3 Accreditation. Under the guidance of SECC Lead Appraiser, Dr. Yasser Ghanim, Ejada Systems Ltd.'s Application Development Center underwent a rigorous appraisal process, culminating in the accreditation being granted on 15 February 2024. With this achievement, Ejada Systems Ltd. joins the esteemed group of 186 accredited organizations under SECC's umbrella, further strengthening its reputation for excellence.

The Benefits of CMMI® in Software Engineering

Your organization can leverage the power of CMMI® to enhance software engineering practices, drive customer satisfaction, and achieve business objectives. By adopting the CMMI® framework, you gain access to a range of advantages that streamline processes and improve overall performance:

  1. Streamlined Process Enhancement: CMMI® provides a standardized approach to assessing and improving processes, making it easier for team members to understand and implement necessary enhancements.
  2. Improved Project Outcome Consistency: Operating within the CMMI® framework ensures a higher level of project outcome consistency and predictability, leading to increased customer satisfaction and stakeholder engagement.
  3. Efficient Issue Identification and Resolution: CMMI® facilitates the identification and resolution of issues during process evolution, minimizing disruptions and allowing for continuous improvement.
  4. Enhanced Productivity: By implementing CMMI®, your organization can optimize resource allocation, reduce time spent on development projects, and increase overall productivity.
  5. Cost and Time Savings: CMMI® helps minimize the need for significant post-release software updates, leading to cost and time savings in the long run.
  6. Empowered Software Developers: With CMMI®, software developers gain the ability to independently assess and enhance their processes, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

SECC - Your Trusted Partner in CMMI® Accreditation

SECC, an ISACA-licensed partner and leading provider of CMMI® training, consultancy, and appraisal services, has been instrumental in supporting organizations like Ejada Systems Ltd. on their journey towards CMMI® accreditation. With a team of certified lead appraisers and instructors, SECC is committed to helping businesses improve customer satisfaction, deliver competitive products, and achieve their strategic goals.

Explore CMMI® Appraised Companies

Discover a comprehensive list of CMMI® appraised organizations by SECC where you can access a complete directory, demonstrating our commitment to promoting excellence and best practices in the software engineering industry. SECC Lead Appraisers conducted appraisal services in Egypt, KSA, Syria, Kuwait, UAE, China and Bangladesh to reach maturity levels 2 and 3 for Services and Development. To learn more about how CMMI® can benefit your organization, contact SECC today.


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