BlueCloud Technologies obtained CMMI® for Development Maturity Level 3 Accreditation

20 December 2023

SECC congratulates BlueCloud Technologies, Egypt for obtaining CMMI® for Development Maturity Level 3 Accreditation. 

SECC Lead Appraiser, Dr. Yasser Ghanim, appraises BlueCloud Technologies [Professional Services Unit] in Egypt to obtain CMMI® for Development Maturity Level 3 accreditation. BlueCloud Technologies has obtained the accreditation on 23 Nov., 2023 to raise the number of SECC accreditation services to 198 and the number of the accredited organizations to 185.  

SECC Lead Appraisers conducted appraisal services in Egypt, KSA, Syria, Kuwait, UAE, China and Bangladesh to reach maturity levels 2 and 3 for Services and Development.

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