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SPI for SMEs Project 2014:

Over the past 8 years, SECC introduced its SPI for SMEs program aiming at helping Egyptian IT companies improving software development and service delivery processes at low cost, with minimal risk and highest flexibility. Read more & Apply Now!!

 MSEs Project 2014:

ITIDA announces a new 2014 round of the project encouraging MSEs in the field of ICT to develop Egyptian ICT products. Read more & Apply Now!!

NGOs Members Special Offer!

Within the framework of collaboration between SECC & EITESAL/CIT, a 10% discount is granted to the NGOs members on any of the offered services. More

INAR Tablet supplied to students of public universities!

9708 INAR Tablets have been finally supplied to the students of public Universities. SECC was responsible for managing the project through a steering committee made ??up of members of the MCIT, SECC and the Supreme Council of Universities. More

 Vodafone International Services (VIS) & TestPRO: New ISTQB® Partners

After meeting all the eligibility rules and payment terms, VIS and Test Pro have respectively achieved the level of Platinum and Silver ISTQB® partnership. More

 Congratulations…EGID Appraised CMMI® Level 2

Egypt For Information Dissemination (egID) - Software Development Department has been appraised CMMI Level 2 to raise the number of appraised companies by SECC lead appraisals to 57 software companies. More

MCIT nominates SECC to be Government's FOSS Focal Point

MCIT relied on SECC as the government focal point to coordinate efforts of all stakeholders to activate the FOSS strategy. More

RECOCAPE Event 2014 “Semantic Technologies for Web, Applications & Internet of Things”

The event discussed Semantic Technology utilization in dealing with the increasing complexity of emerging systems and its role in the realization of the IoT technology. More

 First-Time Offerings

First Semantic-Web Hackathon: SECC launched the first Semantic-Web Hackathon in order to promote the semantic- technology, grow the SALE features and build new Use Cases using SALE. More


SECC Technology Roadmap (TRM) Service

Technology Roadmap (TRM) is a plan that matches organizational short and long term goals with specific technology solutions to help meet these goals. More

Modern Software Design New Course:

This 3 days course is heavily practitioner-oriented and purpose-designed to elevate the practice of junior and moderately experienced developers.

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Industry News


April 2014: Inception of First Technology Park in Upper Egypt, which comes in line with the government's plan focusing on Upper Egypt.

 Feb. 2014: Egypt Participates in UAE Government Summit 2014, which aims to reach a new trend in the core of the relationship between governments and citizens.

 Jan. 2014: Activation of Digital Hub Initiative which aims to maximize benefits of Egypt's main advantages to become a global digital hub. 


April 2014: WSIS Project Prizes 2014 is organized into four phases at the WSIS+10 High-Level Event to be held in Geneva from 10-13 June 2014.

 March 2014: ITU issues new report, entitled Digital Opportunities: Innovative ICT Solutions for Youth Employment, which underlines that Digital solutions play an important role in national strategies to overcome youth unemployment.

Jan 2014: GSMA 'World Mobile Congress' took place in Barcelona, featuring 1,700 exhibitors.



SMART M-3 is open source architecture ( that facilitates the development of such semantic smart environment applications. Smart-M3 consists of two main components: semantic information broker (SIB) and knowledge processors (KPs). The environment information is semantically stored in one or more SIBs. In the simplest case, one SIB will store all information about the environment.

Collaboration of KPs forms the application. The KPs co-operating in different scenarios are loosely coupled The Smart Space Access Proto-col (SSAP) is the protocol that the KPs use to access the SIB. The principles guiding the design of Smart-M3 are simplicity, extensibility and being agnostic to the used communication mechanisms.

Smart-M3 allows an indefinite set of interoperability use cases to be implemented by defining the concepts of domains in domain-specific ontologies and standardizing them. Smart-M3 is publicly available under BSD open source license and thus suitable for both research purposes and industrial use.


Hybrid Cloud and IT as Service Broker

Bringing together personal clouds and external private cloud services is an imperative. Enterprises should design private cloud services with a hybrid future in mind and make sure future integration/interoperability is possible. Hybrid cloud services can be composed in many ways, varying from relatively static to very dynamic. More

The Internet of Everything

The Internet is expanding beyond PCs and mobile devices into enterprise assets such as field equipment, and consumer items such as cars and televisions. The problem is that most enterprises and technology vendors have yet to explore the possibilities of an expanded internet and are not operationally or organizationally ready. More

Software Defined Anything

Software-defined anything (SDx) is a collective term that encapsulates the growing market momentum for improved standards for infrastructure programmability and data center interoperability driven by automation inherent to cloud computing, DevOps and fast infrastructure provisioning. As a collective, SDx also incorporates various initiatives like OpenStack, OpenFlow, the Open Compute Project and Open Rack, which share similar visions. More

Knowledge Transfer

Experts Speak-Out

Applicability of CMMI for Services by Ahmed Abd ElAziz

The CMMI for Services is last member of the CMMI family. Born in 2009, it comes 16 years after SW-CMM (1993) the parent of CMMI for Development (2006) and 7 years after Software Acquisition CMM (2002) the parent of CMMI for Acquisition (2007). Although it is five years old, it did not gain popularity worldwide and in Egypt. Less than 10% of the appraisals conducted in the last three years are CMMI for Services. More

Papers & Tutorials

R&D Team paper published in the ICNS- Chamonix, France

SECC R&D team in collaboration with their research partner from University of Bologna, Italy and Cairo University published a paper entitled “Design and Implementation of an Interoperable and Extendable Smart Home Semantic Architecture using Smart-M3 and SOA”. The paper was published at “ICNS 2014: The Tenth International Conference on Networking and Services” that was held on April 20 - 24, 2014 - Chamonix, France. Read the paper 

Facts & Figures

§  ICT sector Contribution to real GDP is expected to reach 4.1% this year compared to 3.2% last year.

§  Total Revenue of ICT Sector amounts to USD 14.1 Billion (2013-2014), among which USD 11.1 Billion generated from Telecom and USD 3 Billion from IT.

§  In 2013, Egypt's total exports from the CIT sector reached USD 1.3 billion targeting to reach USD 2.5 billion in 2017 of ICT exports.





30 April, 2014: Transform Your Software Development Capabilities

15 April, 2014: Modern Software Architecture: Trends and Consequences.
20 March, 2014: SECC First Semantic-Web Hackathon competition.
19 March, 2014: Service Management Office (SMO): A Practical Perspective on ITIL® Adoption.

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Software Architecture & Design (6:18 Minutes)

CMMI Services (9:58 Minutes)

Software Project Management (8:11 Minutes)

Software Testing (7:26 Minutes)

Agile Services (5:48 Minutes)

ITIL in IT Service Management (9:03)

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