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Issue# 7, January 2016

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2015 NEWS in a Nutshell


2015 NEWS in a Nutshell


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International Technologies and Frameworks by SECC

Year 2015 witnessed the introduction of International technologies and frameworks by SECC.

Ø  In October: the Open Group acknowledged SECC as TOGAF Accredited Training Provider.  TOGAF 9.1 Level 1 and Level 2 from SECC are Accredited TOGAF Training Courses that comply with the Open Group’s accreditation requirements.

Ø  In May: SECC was acknowledged by APMG International as "Accredited Training Organization" to offer COBIT® 5.  COBIT 5 is a framework for the governance and management of enterprise. 

Ø  In May:  SECC launched the Personal Software Process (PSP) Fundamentals training course for the first time in Egypt.  PSP Fundamentals is a world-class training course founded by the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) of USA.

SECC has four accredited TOGAF 9.1 Instructors and two COBIT5 Instructors who passed through an aggressive assessment process by the Open Group and APMG International, respectively.  SECC has also one accredited Instructor from the SEI qualified to teach the PSP fundamentals.


SECC and Cairo University sign MOU to have the University adopt Open Source Software

In July: SECC, being Egypt's focal point for Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), signed a memorandum of understanding with Cairo University to have the university benefit from SECC expertise and best practices in adopting Open Source Software.  This is to enable the university to execute its different projects; evaluate and test projects; and assist the university in raising awareness for the objectives of the projects and the provision of respective training needs.


SECC Expands Open Data Institute (ODI) Global Network to Africa and ODI Recognizes Two of SECC Staff as ODI Registered Trainers


SECC joined The Open Data Institute (ODI) global network as "Cairo Node" in May 2015. Cairo Node is the first ODI node in Africa to offer training programs, workshops, and events to promote and enable value creation through open data in Egypt. The Open Data Institute (ODI) of UK recognized Dr. Haitham Hamza, Research & Development Department Manager, and Ms. Enas Ashraf, Senior Research & Development Engineer as "ODI Registered Trainers" in August 2015.   "ODI Registered Trainer" is a quality mark for trainers who have been assessed by the Open Data Institute (ODI) to train others on Open Data … more

Activate ICT Product Development for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) Project

In April: SECC launched the 4th round of the “Activating the Egyptian Product Development for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs)” Program. The program aims to support companies to develop innovative products and services to be able to compete in local and regional markets.  This round had a different flavor as the applicants were requested to develop to develop innovative products and solutions for the Egyptian government bodies to assist them to offer better services for citizens. 128 companies participated in this year’s round to raise the number to 670 companies that benefited from the Program since it started in 2012.


11th Round of Software Process Improvement for Small and Medium Enterprises Program

In February: SECC launched the Software Process Improvement for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) 2015 Program, which aims at helping Egyptian IT companies to achieve maturity and business success through improving software development and quality of service delivery at low cost, with minimal risk and highest flexibility. Since the program’s launch, more than 130 software development and IT service companies participated.  The program is supported by the SPIG, an adaptable model of excellence in software development based on the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).


SECC Launches Egypt Internet of Things Forum

In January: SECC launched Egypt Internet of Things (IoT) Forum.  The Forum aims at exploiting IoT to solve societal and economical challenges in Egypt; discussing the ways to develop the Roadmap for IoT development and deployment; as well as facilitating collaboration between all relevant stakeholders to build a groundwork for future development and sustainability for IoT in Egypt. The Forum’s steering committee consists of professionals from the Government Academia and Industry.


Community Awareness Events

Business Drivers for Software Industry: SECC organized in May the Get-Together on "Business Drivers for Software Industry" event. The event’s agenda comprised a number of success stories and case studies from software companies that have seen measurable results through process improvement and have leveraged the power of capability…. More


Practical Business Session: SECC organized a Practical Business Session on Succeed and Grow Your Business in Tough Times in February.  A technical workshop on "Enhance Project Visibility and Team Communication" were delivered. The sessions aimed at helping attendees to learn how to act differently to overcome business challenges; explore … more


Knowledge Transfer

Facts & Figures about SECC in 2015

·   More than 1,550 Certified Professionals in COBIT5, ISTQB, ITIL, Six Sigma, Agile Software Development.

·   More than 1,870 trained on technologies of software engineering and IT service management domains.

·   More than 900 contracted days covering the different services and technologies SECC offers: CMMI, TOGAF, ITIL, Software Process Improvement, Software Testing, Disciplined Agility and Software Architecture.


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