Outsourcing works – Understanding The Global Sourcing Standard by GSA



The Egyptian outsourcing market is vast and spilling over with opportunity. International outsourcing buyers are looking to expand the scope of their sourcing over the next period. However, the market is dominated by a number of established service providers; making it difficult for smaller companies to compete.

The GSA is perfectly positioned to raise your organization’s profile and provide you with a cost-effective route to market that you can trust.

This course aims to introduce the key principles of outsourcing practice of The Global Sourcing Standards that is a well-regarded framework regularly scrutinized by industry practitioners.

The course is practical rather than theoretical, with participants encouraged to consider the relevance of the material to their own roles and to consider how they can make a difference to their own organization sourcing practice.

Course Outcome

The value of the course is to provide participants, whatever their sourcing role, with a high-level appreciation of the sourcing context from which they will able to better understand their own contribution to the success of sourcing strategies.

It will help to build greater consistency of practice and effectiveness of communication across outsourcing teams and arrangements.

Topics to be covered

Target Audience
  1. Supplier relationship managers
  2. Contract managers
  3. Sourcing account managers
  4. Procurement managers involved in Sourcing
  5. Operations managers in sourcing provider organizations

3 Days



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