Software Architecture Advanced:
How to communicate, manage and deliver Architecture


Most of the current software technical leads are plying multiple roles during the development of software systems. Not only developing technical solution architecture, but in most of the cases, they are communicating with the customer, managing the delivery of their software solutions. However, in several cases, it takes years for an architect to acquire all these skills

During this 3-day course, we will provide you a chance to meet experienced architects and to learn and practice some of these important skills through cases study and role playing. You will learn and practice how to understand the business, how to communicate with the customer, how to manage your technical team, how to design your system for the highest software quality standards and performance, and finally you will have a quick look at the new applications architecture like application on cloud.

Topics to be covered

  1. Introduce the Case Study to be used during the course
  2. Domain Driven Design [R1 - Ch 3.2]
  3. Requirements Elicitation [R1 - Ch 3.4]
  4. Managing Software Architecture in Agile Projects [R5 - Ch-8, 9]
  5. Software Quality Attributes [R1 - Ch 4]
  6. Performance Considerations [R1-Ch 10]
  7. Security Considerations [R1-Ch 11]
  8. Architecting Modern Applications[R1-Ch8]

Target Audience

3 Days

  1. Criteria 1: Complete the Software Architecture Fundamentals Course
  2. Criteria 2:
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