Personal Software Process (PSP) Advanced



This five-day course covers advanced topics of Personal Software Process (PSP), expands on Team Software Process (TSP) concepts and picks up where PSP Fundamentals left off. Students learn to master the advanced topics of PSP by completing the assigned reading, attending the class lectures and class laboratory/tool sessions, and completing programming assignments and a performance (process, planning and quality) analysis report.

Together the two PSP courses cover a significant subset of the PSP Body of Knowledge and help to prepare students for the PSP Developer Certification exam, which is also a prerequisite to both the PSP Instructor Training and TSP Coach Training courses.

Topics to be covered

Target Audience

5 Days


Before registering for this course, participants must have completed PSP Fundamentals and participants must be proficient in at least one programming language. Due to the quick pace of the course, students will not be successful if they attempt to learn a new programming language while attending. It is helpful to be familiar with basic statistics and to be able to read simple formal notations.

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