Open Data for Everyone


Ever heard about Open Data? Wondering what is the difference between the buzz words common nowadays; big data, shared data and open data? Get started with our one-day course run by our ODI registered trainers.

Whether you have some knowledge of open data, work in a related field or are completely new to this domain, this introductory one-day interactive course will provide you with a foundation of Open Data principles and landscape and will enable you to explore the benefits and uses of Open Data.

During this course, you will learn what open data is, where it stands in the Data Spectrum and what are its benefits and potential opportunities. You will also practice how to discover and use Open Data as per its license and certificates.

Topics to be covered

By the end of the course, you will be able to learn:

Target Audience

This is a general introductory course for almost everyone; decision makers, managers, researchers, policy advisors, analysts, strategists, application developers, data owners and data publishers.


1 Day


No previous experience of data is required. If you know how to use computer, spreadsheets and the web, you’re in!

**SECC joined ODI global network as "Cairo Node" in May 2015 . Cairo Node is the first ODI node in Africa to offer training programs, workshops, and events to promote and enable value creation through open data in Egypt.

**About ODI Registered Trainers : "ODI Registered Trainer" is a quality mark for trainers who have been assessed by the Open Data Institute (ODI) of UK to train others on Open Data.
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