Open Data in Practice – Open Data Project Lifecycle with Hands-on CKAN Experience


Open Data is no longer a new buzz word. It is now a well stablished technology with clear initiatives worldwide, new services, and many opportunities. We believe it is time to the Egyptian market to start the practical steps to exploit this technology to create new services and change the traditional way of doing business. This course is the first in a planned series to cover Open Data from practical point of view. The focus of this course is to present the Open Data project lifecycle and give an overview on the tools that can help. As CKAN is the widely used Open Data Platform, the course gives a hands-on experience on CKAN aiming at breaking the borders to Open Data world.

This is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) course. Each attendee is expected to bring along a portable computer with Wi-Fi accessibility.

Topics to be covered

Target Audience

For individuals and teams who want to learn how to publish, consume, and exploit open data to improve efficiency, create new services and act on opportunities


1 Day


No previous experience of data is required. If you know how to use computer, spreadsheets and the web, you’re in!

**SECC joined ODI global network as "Cairo Node" in May 2015 . Cairo Node is the first ODI node in Africa to offer training programs, workshops, and events to promote and enable value creation through open data in Egypt.

**About ODI Registered Trainers : "ODI Registered Trainer" is a quality mark for trainers who have been assessed by the Open Data Institute (ODI) of UK to train others on Open Data.
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