Introduction to Semantic-Web Information Management



How can you maximize the utilization and value of your content? How can you discover the deep relations between your semi-structured and structured data in order to compile new information-based products? If you are interested in learning the answers to these questions, then Semantic Web could help!

Semantic Web is the next generation web technology by which resources will be more accessible to automated processes. It is the vision of LINKED information that can be readily interpreted by machines, so machines can perform smarter tasks for finding, combining, and acting upon information on the web not just for displaying purposes, but also for automation, integration, and reuse of data across various applications.

This course aims at exploiting the benefits of semantic web by providing the know-how of underlying technologies such as RDFa, microformat, and Linked Data. These technologies can be used to leverage the process of storing, sorting, and presenting resources with new values in order to build innovative and state-of-the-art solutions that support the business.

Topics to be covered

Target Audience


3 Days


Basic understanding of web development and web technologies

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