Innovation Management for SMEs


It is not just another innovation course. It is a practical learning experience that is realized through a series of workshops that simulates the harsh business environment. We will take you on a journey through which you will learn how to generate ideas and validate its feasibility through systematic approaches. You will collaborate to generate ideas for a product/service, assess and evaluate your ideas and make sure all the business aspects are covered by generating the Business Model Canvas for this product.

These steps are guided with the best practices and instructorsí consultation. Generating the Business Model Canvas will identify your target customers and the values you provide to them. You will then be able to get a grasp on how to identify your minimum viable product that will hit the market.

Now you are ready to test your business model hypotheses before market entry. Then, you will be able to identify the necessary measures and vital signs that will verify if your product is a market hit or it needs pivoting and realignment to fit with customer real needs. Finally, you will learn the right approach to successfully pivot your business model.

Learning Objectives

Topics to be covered
  1. Innovation and Invention
  2. Formulate innovative ideas to a valuable product to the market.
  3. Creating Business Model Canvas
  4. Pain and Gain Analysis
  5. Customer Segments
  6. Minimum Viable Product
  7. Product testing against market needs.
  8. Define key selling features for products.
  9. Cost Analysis.
  10. Revenue Streams.
  11. Pricing Strategy.
  12. Business model pivoting for market adaptability.
  13. Define key partnerships, activities and products for successful business model execution.

Target Audience

Management and decision makers of Micro and Small Enterprises


3 Days

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