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These webinars have ended, please contact the organizer for more information:
Towards Outsourcing Excellence - The Global Sourcing Standard
3 May, 2017
Introduction to DevOps
11 Apr., 2017
National Strategy "Egypt Makes Electronics"
16 Mar., 2017
The Next Technology Leaders Initiative for Business Enterprises
28 Feb., 2017
Ensure outsourcing success using The GSA standard
14 Feb., 2017
Internet of Things: Security and Privacy
22 Jan., 2017
IoT Platform Architecture and Market Players
21 Dec., 2016
Towards Connected Car
21 Nov., 2016
ITIL Service Asset and Configuration Management Implementation
3 Nov . 2016
Next Generation Web Storytelling Using Dynamic Semantic Publishing
10 Oct., 2016
IoT Applications and its Impact on Our Life and Business
19 Sept. 2016
The Top Five Reasons for Adopting the New ITIL Practitioner® Certificate in your Business
25 Aug., 2016
Internet of Things and Fog Computing
8 Aug. 2016
Integrating ISO / IEC 27000 information security series of standards with ITIL Framework
30 Mar., 2016
Understanding Cloud Computing: Characteristics, Architecture, Service Models, And Challenges
21 Mar., 2016
Internet of Things (IoT): The Whole Story Challenges, standardizations, applications and future trends
14 Feb., 2016
Demystifying Enterprise Architecture; Distincting the two realms of Enterprise Architecture and Software Architecture
28 Jan ., 2016
Will You Survive The Perfect Storm? Design Business Agility With TOGAF
1 Dec., 2015
HORIZON 2020 Upcoming Calls for the ICT Community (2016-2017 work program)
3 Nov., 2015
Open Data At A Glance
21 Oct ., 2015
Act lean and become from the winning 10%
19 Aug., 2015
CMMI & Agile: Better Together
8 Jul., 2015
The Tale of two frameworks: COBIT and ITIL dancing together
4 Jun., 2015
Service Oriented Architecture Made Easy
Lightweight SOA Approach for SMEs
19 May, 2015
How Lean Six Sigma Can Solve Chronic Problems in IT & Software
15 Sept., 2014
Session 1: Upcoming Calls on Advanced Computing Technologies and Digital Modeling of Cultural Heritage Assets
20 Aug., 2014
TRM Technology Roadmap Service
13 Aug ., 2014
Funding Opportunities for the Egyptian ICT Community
4 June., 2014
Transform Your Software Development Capabilities.
30 Apr., 2014
Modern Software Architecture: Trends and Consequences.
15 Apr., 2014
SECC First Semantic-Web Hackathon competition.
20 Mar.,2014
Service Management Office (SMO): A Practical Perspective on ITIL® Adoption.
19 Mar.,2014